What I was obsessed with this fashion month

By Luna Michaels

Over the past month we have gone to New York, London, Milan and Paris and have seen the very best of fashion from across the globe. I have compiled the best looks from the Autumn/Winter 2023 season.

Paco Rabanne

After the recent death of legendary designer Paco Rabanne, his house releases what looks to be a homage to the fashion great. Referencing Paco’s prime of the 60’s space age, we see a modernised version of this futuristic look. A blast from the past but also a look forward. The coat pictured is giving a 70’s vibe which someone like Jane Birkin would’ve rocked.

Gucci bags

Another modernised version of a icon, the Jackie bag, makes a return to the runway. Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, whom I adore, is the namesake of this bag and this is every bit her. I was lucky enough to see the Jackie bag in person at the Gucci Garden event in Sydney and I fell in love instantly.


There is nothing I love more than a nun look and I think this is fitting my current obsession with The Borgias. I would love to see Madonna rock this at her new tour for Like a Virgin. This is accessorised perfectly, and I cannot complain about any aspect of this look.

Roberto Cavalli

I selected the first tweet for the first and fourth looks but I truly think Roberto Cavalli hasn’t delivered for a while, as is mentioned in the tweet. But for once we see the absolute acing of this boho style. Not to sound too 2014. The second tweet features a third look which is absolutely adorable. I think this belongs on an MTV runway with a younger artist like Olivia Rodrigo wearing it. The first look on the third tweet is everything I need in my wardrobe and more, I am currently surfing Depop for coats but if Cavalli reads this please contact me via my socials.


Feeling like John Galliano’s suit dress for Celine Dion at the Grammys in the 90s. We see a Prada rendition of this same look. The effortless simplicity is just what Prada stands for and I can see a very wealthy woman wearing this to work and turning heads anywhere she walks in.

Standing Ground

The first look is making my maximalist heart change its mind just for a second. I love when minimalism is done in an elevated manner, I think if you’re going to go simple, make it count. Dresses similar to this seem to be a new trend and I am all for it.


A brand I think can never miss is Diesel. Never scroll through a collection without finding a look I aspire to own. Both looks pictured are perfect for my dream wardrobe. I saw a similar jacket in real life recently in Building H at TAFE which made me stare to a point where I could be considered rude. Denim-like fabrics made in interesting ways are what we need to be focusing on. We need to all be aspiring to be like Justin and Britney in the early 2000s.

Yuhan Wang

The first look is simply mesmerising. It feels fresh and it feels experimental. This would look perfect on the streets of New York, worn by a Bella Hadid type as she leaves her apartment.

JW Anderson

The new look of right now is the elongated top that could almost be considered a dress. Copying the 60s, and something my mother approves of, this trend has officially made it to the runway. I have seen this type of look on Kendall Jenner for Architectural Digest and can see it becoming streetwear. This collar, hem and sleeve moment is modernity at its finest. This look is by far one of my favourites of the season.

Simone Rocha

Oversized is the signature look of Simone Rocha but each season, without fail, we see a different look that makes you swoon yet again. Farmer chic stuffed full with hay, these two looks are exactly what makes this brand special, the details are superb and the hems are both equally gorgeous.

Paolo Carzana

The fabric that hangs above the garment like a collar is exactly why I chose these looks. Paolo Carzana makes fashion interesting with these two looks and I cannot help but foam at the mouth with delight. A common feeling is a desire for these looks to be hung upon my body. Blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear these outfits would be fitting of a gender-bending artist like Harry Styles or Troye Sivan.


This tweet features one of my absolute faves from the season with the third look or the insert disc look. Sexual and sensual, this look, while basic brings graphic tees, elongates it and makes it a graphic dress. Comfortable yet daring, this would look lovely on a music red carpet or even on stage.


Make it Christmas every day with this look. Something needed for the holidays, I would love to get my grubby little hands on a dress filled with ornaments and a veil with a star atop it. Everything from the bow hung off the chin and the white trims makes this so new and so charming. Perfect for a Kardashian Christmas party, please someone wear this in December.


Experimental yet familiar, these garments each fit a new trend and, while it seems to be something I’ve seen before, Roksanda brings a new eye to what is dominating the runways. The second picture is almost nun-like, and we have learned how much that tickles my fashionable heart. The mix of the red and blue in the third with the pop of the white glove is eye-catching in all the right ways.


Here comes the bride … mixing corsets and oversized in the first is a match made in heaven which is exactly the theme of a bridal look. The next one reminds me of Kim Kardashian’s camp Met Gala look with the crystals mirroring water dripping from the dress. The stockings, which belong in my wardrobe as that has been one of my recent loves, are a continuation of the dress and are also adorned with crystals. The free-flowing third look is a boned and embellished but dream-like dress which demands to be worn walking through clouds in a Doja Cat music video.

Thom Browne

The first tweet feels like a Jean Paul Gaultier reference with the vulgarity of the details being reminiscent of the female body. While completely covered up we have the sexual nature of the look which is made for the red carpet. One request if any stylist pulls this: keep the hair! The peak Thom Browne look is a suit made interesting and this is exactly what the second tweet features. The voluminous sleeves and legs are exaggerated and yet do nothing to take away from the figure of the model. The mix of the greens and blues with the white, red and navy is a stroke of genius and so is the helmet bag.


The second picture is what I have saved in my Vogue collections and what I fell in love with at first glance. Featuring the elongated top and wide leg pants that I mentioned earlier, what could almost be a dress is instead a top and I am not complaining. The fourth photo is what a minimalistic wedding dress should look like. A collar and slits from the front and back are everything needed for the aisle. Perfect to be worn in church and could be followed by any of the Wiederhoeft looks from before.

Kim Shui

The second look is sheer excellence. The pattern on the skirt featured in some of the other outfits is very appealing and fun. All the colours on this look work well together and appeal to the eye. The lace is delicate and hugs the body in all the right places. I adore the shape of the sleeve and the boning in the front adds shaping that the piece needed. Also always love a thigh high boot moment.


Obsessing over the banana theme at Area; the mix of pink, purple and white together brings the right pop of colour that this collection needs. It is fun and quirky and has feather headdresses reminiscent of Valentino, though Area is its own thing and brings something exciting to every season. The second picture features a look that has a seductive nature but doesn’t feel like too much.

Featured image: Model polaroids. Picture: Tavi/Flickr/CC

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