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Top 4 Tips for Fun Travel by Train

By Kotnyin Thon

Taking a trip on public transport doesn’t have to be wasted time.

Listen to music and catch up

Take your time scrolling through social media searching for interesting things to watch or listen to. Utilise multiple streaming platforms so you can stay updated with new song releases and discover new artists, follow the artists, watch stories or status, YouTube, hype machine etc.

Get yourself a Journal

There are many beautiful things to discover. Journaling is a habit and not a hobby for when you’re feeling great or have the luxury of time. The best feeling of journaling is you will come across what you have written, and feel disgusted or wowing on how far you have come. Therefore, start small and keep your expectations realistic.

You’re seated, now you’ve time

Great, now you are in the train maybe you are out of data, bored, tired, in a hurry, stressed. This is an opportunity to catch up with things you did not get done earlier, make that appointment, return those missed calls, work on your study, listen to your favourite music, and set reminders for your upcoming plans.

Read a book, it’s worth it

Why should you read a book? Reading is another way of improving your focus, empathy, and practicing communication skills. To read allows you to get better at your vocabulary, writing and more in English generally.

Feature image: The point of travelling is to enjoy it. Photo: Jernej Furman/CC/Flickr

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