The importance of rugby league’s Indigenous Round

By Tristan Eid

The NRL celebrates the tradition of Indigenous Round again in 2023 (May 18-21), which has has roots dating back to 1973 when the first Australian Aboriginal team was assembled.

Firstly, the NRL wants to recognise and celebrate Indigenous culture as it provides an opportunity to honour and acknowledge the rich contributions of Indigenous Australians to the sport of rugby league and the wider community.

Secondly, Indigenous Round serves as a platform to promote inclusivity and reconciliation by bringing attention to the challenges faced by Indigenous communities.

Thirdly, the NRL uses the occasion to shine a spotlight on social issues affecting Indigenous communities, such as health disparities, education gaps and social inequalities.

Australian Rugby League commission chairman Peter V’Landys said: “NRL Indigenous Round is truly a special week in our calendar with the First Nations communities having incredibly deep bonds with rugby league.”

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said that “Indigenous Round is a time to celebrate culture and community so that our whole game feels empowered to move forward together”.

Finally, Indigenous round involves fundraising activities and initiatives that support indigenous organisations and community projects.

Featured image: NRL CEO Andrew Abdo launches the 2023 Indigenous Round. Picture: NRL Photos

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