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By Evanna K Kelly @marigold_journal

Valentinas is an up-scale, old-school diner set straight out of the US. Within a quiet, suburban Marrickville street, those seeking an immersive quintessential diner experience will be met with a warm timber-clad coffee bar and shiny open galley-style kitchen once you enter through the large double doors.

Laid out in an iconic diner set-up style, each table contains ketchup and hot sauce bottles with luxuriously sized maple syrup pitchers.

Attention to detail can be found even in the paper coasters marked with their tag line, “Where the nicest people, serve the nicest food”. 

The menu is authentic and the atmosphere is resolutely old school. Photos: Evanna Kelly

Polished and moody green velvet banquette seating, featuring fleck terrazzo tabletops and floor-to-wall lit mirrors, it oozes confidence and flair.

Valentinas’ menu is a “true to its American roots” authentic-style menu and divided into various sections: All Day Breakfast / Not Breakfast / Sides & Sauces / dessert / coffee / not coffee.  Their reputation is gaining momentum amongst Sydneysiders for its simple and well-executed U.S eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, off-menu additions, grumpy donuts & bottomless Artificer filter coffee – and they are licensed too!

The menu takes cues from American diner food, but it isn’t a greasy spoon

Broadsheet Sydney

Valentinas is a rare find in Sydney not only for their refined American all-day classics but also for the various options in their menu. Perfect for sharing and for foodies who prefer to sample numerous smaller dishes rather than one single meal.

The menu is great for sharing and can be added upon with sides and half/half sides as well as an extensive OG US sauce menu. My hot tip is to go with another foodie or very hungry friends and try multiple things on the menu.

Dine on something salty, or sweet, in a setting which oozes confidence and flair. Photos: Evanna Kelly

Valentinas do what they do full stop and they do it well. This place is the perfect “hangover cure”, or your new local in the inner west. The menu is ideal for that lazy day-off or weekend “catch up with friends” brunch. If you’re wanting to bathe in the morning sun, there is curb-side seating outside.

Open 7am – 3pm seven days a week, Valentinas is for sure worth checking out on your next day off!

Featured image: Valentinas’ coasters and food are spot on. Pictures: Evanna Kelly

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