Lost connections

By Jasmine Ryan @JasmineRyanTAFE The online world has caused a divide between human connections in the real world. In situations where we feel bored or have nothing to do our natural human instincts would be to talk to somebody either next to us or start up a conversation with a total stranger, to read a […]


Don’t read the comments

View image |   BY AARON STREATFEILD Don’t, seriously. Whoop! You did, didn’t you? You just couldn’t help yourself. Yet again we witness, in the aftermath of a horrific event, the shockwave of social media opinion. The time has come and gone.  Andrew Chan and Muyuran Sukumaran have met their long-awaited fate, at the hands […]


Like me … plea$e

In our first-ever STM podcast, NICK CAVARRETTA broaches the subject of bands buying facebook likes with Chris Penney from Glitter Canyon, who bought 1000 likes for his band’s page, and Matthew Carpenter from, who sells facebook likes to anyone who is willing to pay for them. This is a common practice, but who is […]