For the Record

Despite streaming services still being the preferred way for Australians to listen to music, vinyl sales continue to increase, with no signs of dropping any time soon. Story and photo by Brad Hayne @LintMusic The temporary closure or permanent shutdown of many small music stores across the country in 2020 didn’t seem to drastically affect […]


Muse, Space, and Cydonia

Before Muse, I’d never heard of the genre “space rock” before. But after hearing it, it immediately made sense to me. Science fiction loving musicians trying to best replicate the themes of sci-fi and the sense of awe from the genre. Muse, led by lead singer Matt Bellamy (and his love of magical mushrooms) write […]


Review: Allday @ The Hordern Pavilion

REVIEW AND PHOTOS BY ANNA BEATSON On Saturday night, the place you’d want to be was the Hordern Pavilion. Performing his ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’ 2019 Nationwide Tour, Allday smashed yet another banging show promoting the new album release. I was able to make the Brisbane born singer/rapper Mallrat‘s set at 8.30pm. The crowd was […]