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Local Community Gathers for Cheese and Wine in the Woolies Toilet Paper Aisle

By Hazel Schweinsberg @hazesch In the midst of the toilet paper disaster that has been holding desperate Australians by the throat this month, solidarity among a local community has been found as those affected by the TP shortage gather in the supermarket to share wine and cheeses. Anne Forbes, a particularly observant middle-aged woman, was […]


ISIL in Yarmouk, Damascus

BY MICHAEL TAOUK @miketaouk The Islamic state of Iraq and Levant group (ISIL) has taken over the west side of Yarmouk in southern Damascus, an area that harbours large numbers of Palestinian refugees. Director of Political Affairs Anwar Abdel Hadi said in an interview that fighters from ISIL launched an assault this morning on Yarmouk […]