Living rough: winter is coming

By Aaaron Streatfeild @slazanom Observing commuters struggling to stay dry during the severe weather in Sydney recently, Missionbeat’s Shane Sturgiss noticed a discarded blanket in a doorway.  In their haste to seek shelter and warmth, commuters passed the discarded blanket without noticing it.  But it was at this point Shane realised, this blanket was once […]


Don’t read the comments

View image |   BY AARON STREATFEILD Don’t, seriously. Whoop! You did, didn’t you? You just couldn’t help yourself. Yet again we witness, in the aftermath of a horrific event, the shockwave of social media opinion. The time has come and gone.  Andrew Chan and Muyuran Sukumaran have met their long-awaited fate, at the hands […]