Sydney’s Latin Dancing Community

By Isabella Ureta @bondibella_

Sydney has a huge community of Latin dancers with a diversity of people who come together to share their passion for dancing from all walks of life.

“I had no idea how to dance at 30,” Felix Ben, dance instructor and founder of Latin Junction said. “I was shy and couldn’t move any parts of my body. I instantly fell in love with the craft. In 2012 I started Latin Junction, with the simple goal to expose more people to my passion”

This community of people connected to share one thing and that is to dance. It is a physical and emotional outlet, an avenue for connection and a meaningful way to live outside of work.

There are many different schools to pick from all around Sydney, you won’t struggle to find a studio near you.

The schools are there for you to learn how to dance whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is something for all levels.

“ I love this community so much, ” Natalie Bryan, a dance student said. “I actually started dancing a few years ago and gave up. I missed it so much and decided to come back to Latin Junction and since I started I’m getting better every day, I can’t get enough! and all the staff at the school are amazing.”

Dancing is a great way to build confidence by giving you a sense of success and achievement when you master it.

This dancing community provides a natural icebreaker and is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Just by moving you can raise your spirits by raising the endorphins.

The studios like Latin Junction are a fun way to get started in your dancing journey, and it doesn’t stop there. This community expands outside the walls of the studios with a variety of social dancing clubs all around.

“I love going to the social events that are held throughout the weekends, they are so much fun, ” Joe Stark, another dance student said. “And the best way to get better.”

Be sure to join the Sydney Salsa Scene group on facebook with all the updates of the hottest clubs for you to put your skills to practice with hundreds of dancers just like you. No need to feel shy, leave your fear at the door as there are people on all levels to practice with and everyone is very welcoming and encouraging, making you feel comfortable and eager to come back for more, you will be a pro in no time.

“I organise events in Sydney for Salsa and Bachata every Friday and Saturday, ” said Awad Dabit, an events organiser. “It’s great to see how many people attend, I love to bring everyone together. We are a tribe that love to share our passion for dancing.”

Everyone is learning and as they say Rome was not built in a day. When you are learning a new skill, you need to know what exactly has to change and what you are going to do to get there. You need to be patient, as learning a new habit takes time and does not happen overnight.

Featured image: ‘We can’t always pick the music that life plays for us , but we can choose how we want to dance it’. Photo: deiby tapia/ Unsplash

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  1. Great article Bondi Bella. Lets also hope as the lockdown ends, the sports and RSL Clubs give opportunities to Latin Bands such as Latin Power, Ipanema Duo, Salsa Kingz, Mi Hermano Y Yo and the many others as well as DJs the opportunity to entertain audiences again, and give opportunity of all cultures to embraces our bailes. The market is out there.


    Camilo Piovesan (Campiove)
    Fundraising Co-Ordinator 2RDJ – FM 88.1
    Sponsor – Blanca Llorente Millennium Latino Radio Program 2NBC FM 90.1

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