Student Apps of the Week

by Dios Lacap

Reporting in for ‘Student Apps of the Week’ volume 1! It’s the beginning of a new week and everyone’s ready for the week ahead of them. For those that are unaware, Student Apps of the Week is a list of current applications for both iOS/Android that range from fun to useful.

This list will contain information about each application mentioned. One thing to note, all applications mentioned here will be free. There will be no need to pay for any of them. There is no specific order as well. Now with that out of the way, let’s get started!

1. SoundCloud

As the title suggests, it’s a music application. This is a nice alternative for those who forgot to add songs to their phone. With this application, you’re able to stream songs in high quality unlike the Youtube application where the sound quality is downgraded.

All you need to do is to make an account on SoundCloud (which is quick and easy) and you’re all set. The best part of it all is that there is a vast library of songs that choose from here. It’s a music sharing sites so users upload all the content. Whether you’re into grunge, classical or even country music, you’ll be able to find the songs that you and enjoy them.


2. TripView Lite

This little application contains the timetables for buses, trains and even ferries all over NSW. With this app, you’re able to easily plan your trip as it’s constantly updated whenever there’s a change in the timetable. The interface is nice and simple, making it easy to navigate. If you’re a regular commuter, this application isa must.

3. Salvo Saga (Danmaku)

Sometimes it’s hard being a TAFE student and you just wanna relax for a bit whether you’re at home or on the train. With this game, you can do just that. Salvo Saga (Danmaku) is a game where you control a spaceship with the touch of your finger and your goal is simply to make it to the end. However, there a lots of obstacles in your way. Enemy ships, rocks, lasers and bombs. It’s up to you to bring your spaceship to safety and destroy anything in your way.

A huge plus with the game is that you have over 100 levels of play and it’s all for free. If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced game to pass the time, this is it.

4. GroupMe

Communication is absolutely essential in this day and age. GroupMe allows communication to happen. So what does GroupMe offer that the famous WhatsApp doesn’t?

One difference, it’s free for life. WhatsApp is only free for one year then you have to pay.

GroupMe is a phone app where all students can receive text messages from each other and everyone can see them. It’s an alternative to the online chat messenger, It’s great if you want to organise a get together with friends.

5. InkPad

As the name implies, InkPad is essentially a digital notepad for your phone. Rather than carrying a physical one, why not just save some space in your pocket and have your phone as a notepad?

There isn’t much to say about this other than it’s simple and easy to use, making it a wonderful app for TAFE students.

6. Space Intruders

Space Intruders is a variation of the infamous classic ‘Space Invaders’. You control a small spaceship and you have to shoot all the alien ships before they reach Earth. It’s a game with simple controls and mechanics making it easy to pick up and play. It has a very classic look, using pixels as graphics. It’s a great way to entertain yourself on the train. Go ahead and give it a try.

7. Google Chrome

Now this app may sound silly but it deserves a place on this list. Why? Because the default browser can be very slow and unresponsive. Chrome is a much faster and better alternative for your browser needs. Like many of the apps here, interface is simple and clean making it easy to use. Searching that random word on Google could never be easier.

8. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a game where you control SEGA’s famous mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, and help him reach the goal. It’s an auto-run game where you have to avoid all obstacles thrown at you. You control Sonic with your finger and tap the screen to jump. There’s also a leaderboard where you can post your score and compare it among friends! It’s an entertaining game that will offer hours of play.

9. Brave Frontier

The game Brave Frontier is a role-playing game set in a fantasy world and you command a party of heroes that set out on a journey to take down an evil force. It’s not a complex story but it works for what it is. The main appeal of this game is the battles between the heroes and monsters. Each battle requires strategy to conquer. The game requires you to know your enemies weaknesses and strike when it benefits you most. A very entertaining game if you love dragons and magic.

10. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

The latest game app from Square Enix, Final Fantasy is one of Square Enix’s largest series and now you can control a huge army made up of all the characters from Final Fantasy. The game pits your army against the warriors of evil and it’s your job as the player to take them down. A very fun game and it’s a game that absolutely anyone can play.


Featured image: Tap Tap Revolution. One of the most important apps to increase a student’s finger dexterity. Photo: Cristiano Betta/CC/Flickr All other photos by Dios Lacap

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