Songs that make you go … huh?


Do you ever listen to a song and hear random lyrics that make you think … huh? Would you then continue to sing those dodgy words until someone points out what the artist is really singing? Here is a short list.

1. Ariana Grande: “Break Free”

What it sounds like: “Fart on your body I came alive, it was lethal, it was fatal.” Fast forward to 2:40:

What she is actually singing: Well, it turns out the lyric is not “fart”, it is “thought.” I am still going to sing “fart” though.


2. Simply Red: “Fairground”

What it sounds like: “I just love the thought of coming home to you…” but then the next line sounds like “…even if I know that you’re an idiot.” Fast forward to 1:15:

What he is actually singing: It turns out they don’t think “you’re an idiot”. The actual line is “Even if I know we can’t make it.” Oh well … again, still singing the line I thought it was.


3. MKTO: “Classic”

What it sounds like: If you fast forward to the bridge (30 seconds), the duo seem to want to “do you like Michael.”

What they’re actually singing: “I wanna THRILL you like Michael.” Oh, gotcha. (Reference to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for those who were wondering).


4. Taylor Swift: “Blank Space”

What it sounds like: Fast forward to 55 seconds. We all remember the “Starbucks lovers” line:

What she is actually singing: “Got a long list of ex-lovers.” Did you meet them at Starbucks?


5. Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland: “Dilemma”

What it sounds like: In the chorus it sounds like Kelly Rowland is singing “even when I lick my boob” or “even when I’m with my boob” (fast forward to 45 seconds):

What she is actually singing: “Even when I’m with my boo.” In Australia at that time no one used the term “boo” outside of scaring people. We used the word “boyfriend” to refer to a male significant other. So you can understand the misunderstanding.


6. Jennifer Lopez: “If You Had My Love”

What it sounds like: “If you had my love and I gave you all my thrush” (fast forward to 30 seconds):

What she is actually singing: “If you had my love and I gave you all my TRUST.” Imagine being an innocent 12 year old when this came out and getting into trouble for running around the house singing about giving people thrush? Not that it might have been yours truly …

Know any songs with wtf lyrics? Post in the comments below.

Featured photo: Robin Higgins/Pixabay

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