Compassionate child builds website for shelter dogs


A 13 year old girl from the U.S. state of Texas has spent months researching and writing survey questions to develop a website to help shelter dogs.

Aiden Horwitz created the website Dog Do Or Dog Don’t to cut down on an issue she found during research.

“Pretty much over half the dogs that are in shelters are because people get the wrong kind of dog for their family,” Aiden said. She wants to eliminate that as a reason pets end up back in shelters.

People looking to adopt a dog can visit the website and fill out a survey about their lives (the size of their home, the amount of barking they can tolerate, whether they have kids, etc.) and then receive a score.

Aiden’s website is a result of a class project called ‘Passion Project’, where students study something they are passionate about and complete it in the school year to learn more about it.

Aiden’s project has already achieved success.

“My website has 10,000 views so far, and five dogs have gotten adopted off my website so far,” she said.

If you score between 0 and 10 per cent, the website encourages you to adopt a cat instead.

Featured image: MaxPixel/CC

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