Shane Dawson and ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’

By Maddy Turner

Shane Dawson has officially entered the makeup community (or as Jenna Marbles calls it the “Beau-Tubers”) and is set up to sell out of his new palette probably immediately after it launches on the 1st of November. He has created collaboration makeup line with friend and beauty-guru Jeffree Star, that has been in the works for over a year, since Shane’s “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” series on YouTube was created. He is releasing a full eyeshadow palette (the Conspiracy Palette), a mini palette (Mini Controversy), a liquid lip kit, a clear gloss (Shane Glossin’) and has already released a new and improved line of merch, which heavily features pigs. 

The whole purpose of this series was originally to show the behind the scenes of the makeup process, from developing the idea, to the testing of formulas, to the advertisement and eventually the launch of said makeup. It really dives deep into how much work is put into each product that is released by companies and beauty-gurus alike. We can see how in-depth the process is – it takes months for them to just figure out shade names, test them and then place them in a good order inside the actual palette. The series also shows the stress that can come with releasing the makeup, and shows the many questions that are raised – how many products do they order in, will they sell enough to make a profit, who is going to stock it in their stores. Shane explicitly says that he wants to know and show the business side of makeup – the nitty gritty.

 However (whether intentionally or not) the series also reveals a journey of growth and discovering for Shane himself. Throughout the process of creating his makeup line, Jeffree opens Shane’s eyes to the harsh reality of the beauty world, while also helping him discover a new passion and self-acceptance. In one of the episodes, it’s revealed that Shane had been ripped off by the company that sold his old merch and seeing the realisation in his eyes almost broke my (and I’m sure many other viewers) hearts. While watching the series, we also follow Shane’s improvement in his makeup skills, as he practices on his fiance Ryland Adams, and cameraman/co-editor Andrew Siwicki – and just saying, he gets really, really good

Overall, Shane Dawson’s series was and always will be incredible and professional to watch, with his humour, Andrew’s camera work, and their combined editing. I still 100% certain that they need a Netflix show – Netflix hit them up like now. The series both shows Shane’s journey in discovering the makeup industry and himself and shows that if you’re passionate about something, it’s always worth giving it a go.

The Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star collection will be released on the 1st of November, 4:00 am AEDT… so set your alarms and be prepared to be sleep deprived. 

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