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Sceptics beware: Mercury’s plunge into Pisces sparks storms

By Liz Sheffield

When Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, entered the dreamy and intuitive waters of Pisces in March 2023, the collective braced itself for a shift towards heightened emotional sensitivity and creativity.

With Pisces being a sign associated with intuition and imagination, this transit of Mercury has likely brought forth unexpected insights and opportunities for spiritual growth. However, with Pisces also known for its tendency towards confusion and escapism, it has been important for individuals to stay grounded and balanced during this time.

Overall, the energy of Mercury in Pisces presents a unique opportunity for personal and collective transformation, as long as we remain open to its messages and maintain a healthy sense of discernment.

The second of March marked the beginning of more receptive communication as Mercury; the planet that rules over speech, intelligence, and learning; moved into the dreamy, compassionate, and empathetic sign of Pisces.

Up until Mercury exits Pisces on the 18th of March, logical thinking was expected to become noticeably difficult. Pisces in Mercury wants to think up creative storms and use artistic imagination to communicate rather than overanalyse and use practical thinking patterns to conclude thought and so we see elements of intellect and rational dance with a nonlinear realm – encouraging Mercury to let its guard down.

There are powerful messages in the stars this month if you are a Pisces. Picture: Numerology Sign/CC/flickr

Here is the catch though – benefits from this energy come only with acceptance of transit, like any other. During this time, you’re encouraged to listen to understand in conversation rather than listen to reply as emotions are heightened and serious topics of conversation can feel quite heavy. This is due to the rose-tinted glasses Pisces puts on situations.

So you should allow yourself to get lost in your thoughts to see where they may take you. During this time dreams become more vivid, thoughts become looser, and the veil is thinned, allowing us to see things that may not have been so clear before.

The 12th House of the Zodiac is governed by Pisces. As Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, it possesses both Jupiter’s attributes. Pisces is a water sign however, unlike the other water signs of the zodiac, it represents the deepest, darkest ocean water. It stands for tranquilly, purity, solitude, and places that are unreachable to average people.

Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, is all about hope, optimism, belief systems, maturity, and letting go of desire while Mercury is all about practicality, criticism, interests, hobbies, and naivety. As a result, Mercury is debilitated in this sign.

All signs and their placements have positive and negative elements to them, and we have no control over this transit, but embracing this time of heightened intuition and flow will invite creativity to flow and the imagination to run wild.

Featured image: Using advanced imaging technology at The Powerhouse Museum to unravel how Pisces energy gravitates into the etheric world. Photo: Liz Sheffield

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