‘Living With the Enemy’, SBS


Ever wondered what would happen if, for ten days, a Sudanese refugee lived with a pro-nationalist, or if a conservative Anglican minister shared a home with a recently married gay couple?

SBS will explore these and other scenarios in its new six part documentary series Living with the Enemy, set to air in September.

Tony Iffland, SBS Director of Television said, “Living with the Enemy confronts major issues by bringing together a provocative clash of beliefs, ideologies and personalities that will have audiences shouting at the television.”

In true wife swap style, the series will also have a conservative woman living with a heavy marijuana-smoking hippie, a vegan living with a hunter, a Muslim couple living with an ‘Aussie patriot’, and a former ‘boat person’ living with someone who wants him gone.

The series is being produced by Shine Media, responsible for SBS’ Emmy Award winning documentary series Go Back to Where You Came From.

Living with the Enemy will premiere on SBS One on Wednesday 3 September at 8:30pm.



Featured image: “One of the most explosive and moving episodes in the series.” Nick and Abraham in Episode 3: Immigration. Photo: SBS TV

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