Saving the bees

By Segolene Misselyn

Louis Masai Michel is a street artist with a penchant for animal rights. In his case, he’s raising awareness of the plight of probably the most important animal on earth: the bee.

The idea came to Michel while he was returning from a trip to South Africa, where he worked on a project for the preservation of endangered animals. There, he observed the important work of bees on the proper functioning of the ecosystems of the planet, and the heavy implications of the collapse disorder of their colonies.

The disappearance of bees could lead to a huge loss of agricultural crops. Indeed,the bees actively contribute to the supply of a large majority of the population.

Now in the streets of London Michel’s paintings make a plea for the preservation of the bees.  The movement spread quickly from there to Bristol, Devon, Glastonbury, Croatia, New York, and Miami to New Orleans. Social networks have captured the movement, using the #savethebees hashtag.


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Featured image: Street art by Louis Masai Michel, who is raising awareness of the plight of the bee. Photo: Facebook

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