Review: Allday @ The Hordern Pavilion


On Saturday night, the place you’d want to be was the Hordern Pavilion. Performing his ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’ 2019 Nationwide Tour, Allday smashed yet another banging show promoting the new album release.

Mallrat making an entrance. Photo: Anna Beatson

I was able to make the Brisbane born singer/rapper Mallrat‘s set at 8.30pm. The crowd was hyped up from the previous acts and they were a forced to be reckoned with as I pushed through to the front to catch a better look. It was my first-time seeing Mallrat live: she’s a natural born performer, and I was lucky enough to hear her new EP released this August, Charlie , on which she performed with Tyne James Organ. Thevibe was so magnetic you’d think Mallrat was the headlining act. She then continued to grace us with hits from her successful In the Sky album, and completely threw me off guard with the energy she brought playing Groceries and Better. The crowd was so hyped I could’ve sworn I was at a heavy metal concert – you could really feel the emotion. But just as I thought It was over, a roar built up in the crowd as the intro of her 2016 EP Uninvited boomed through the venue, concluding her set.

Warming us up around 9.30, the Sydney hip hop artist Allday had some unreal visuals of the iconic and timeless Nokia flip phones and dearly missed antenna cell phones – which seemed to tie in with the title of his Starry Night over the Phone album title.

Allday, Hordern Pavilion. Photo: Anna Beatson
I felt the crowd’s mood change as Allday made his appearance. Now let me make this clear – you won’t hear me say this often, but damn that man can rock a suit with unforgivable steeze! Kicking the set off with his newer release Wonderdrug’, the crowd sung word for word as if it was an older fan favourite, honestly the energy was unforgettable! Being a die-hard Allday fan myself, I instantly picked up the next track Claude Monet, a favourite of mine back in 2013. It was a trance of devoted supporters feeling every beat and screaming every word, and for someone who hasn’t caught a concert of his for a long time, I could tell the vibe was exactly the same, if not better than I remember. Supporting him and joining in with the band was producer/songwriter Japanese Wallpaper, who performed the well-known collaborations In Motion and ‘Don’t wanna push you away anymore.

Throughout the set, the dynamic duo Allday and Mallrat performed their singles UFO, Baby Spiders, and other hits that they feature together. With his newer releases from the album including Protection, What Do You Think? and Lungs versus his best blasts from the past including Girl in the Sun, Always Know The DJ and Right Now, there was no telling the difference with the crowds enthusiasm – this man knows how to own a stage.

If I had to choose three words to describe the show, they would have to be … what, a, NIGHT! It was an incredible start to the ‘Starry Night Over the Phone’ album, and a beautiful performance to give back to his fans. Thankyou Allday, you’ve got me hooked. To find Allday’s review, visit Around the Sound, and to get the inside scoop of whats happening in Sydney, click here!

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