Rescuing Lucky


My nan, Christa, is 72 years old. Her sense of humour gives her a really youthful sense to life. She lives in a cottage in the town of Brunswick in Adelaide, with her kitten Lucky and her “fishies”.

Christa: My kitten’s name is Lucky because he was the last one there and I think he is lucky to have me as an owner. I treat him very well and I know he loves me.

I love cats, that’s why I went to the animal welfare.

Jasmine: So you got him from the animal welfare?


Why did you choose to get him from a shelter?

Because the animals are there for people to adopt and to find a new home, that’s why I went there – to get one and give it a home.

Have you always gotten your pets from animal welfare?

I got my previous cat, Fluffy, from the RSPCA here in Adelaide. But he was a totally different


At night he went out, but my new kitten is an indoor cat and more of a companion. Fluffy would always be out. I didn’t like it as much.

How do you spend time with your cat?

I like patting it and holding it. Oh! And I love when it purrs! And playing with it – it’s very playful because it’s still a kitten. He is beautiful, he is such an active kitten. He runs around and when he hears something he shoots through the doggy door and he is always running in and out. I am very happy because Lucky sleeps at night, whereas Fluffy would be gone all afternoon and night.

Are there any more animals you are thinking of getting next?

I am very happy with Lucky but I would like to get a doggy next. It’s hard though because I am old I can’t look after the big dogs, and the dogs at the shelters are very big and wouldn’t fit through my doggy door. If I was young, perhaps I’d get an older dog.

Featured image: Christa with her rescue kitten, Lucky. Photo courtesy Jasmine Ryan

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