Q&A: Radio presenter and journalist Simon Marnie

The ABC’s much-loved Simon Marnie describes his work in radio as “a career of accidents”. VICTORIA YATES talks to him about working in the media industry.

What is your current occupation?

Presenter. Weekends 702 ABC Sydney and ABC NSW

How did you get where you are today?

I was at acting school when a friend passed on the ad for the inaugural Radio course at AFTRS. To be honest, AFTRS paid more than the dole and so I applied, was accepted and then on graduation couldn’t face my placement in Albany WA or Mt Isa so I worked at Triple J for free (now its called an internship) until I received more and more work ‘til I was finally made full time at the ABC.

What would you be doing if you couldn’t be in the media business?

I’d be a cat. I could have meals handed to me and sleep all day.

In your mind, what are some of the best jobs to have in media, and why?

Production is great depending on your presenter. Each day would have different challenges and its always a varied role.

Film or TV editing is the most in demand work it seems. I never see out of work editors.

Name five of your favourite radio or TV presenters.

Mark Colvin
Angular Curtains (Angela Catterns)
Margaret Throsby
Leigh Sales
Ray Martin

What is your advice for people hoping to break into the media industry?

Be flexible. This is in many facets, as you never know what opportunities can arise. Mine is a career of accidents and so by not being set in my way, open to opportunities and varied in skills I was able to take up opportunities that may have slipped by someone more set in their ways.


Simon Marnie (left) in the ABC702 studio with fellow presenter James Valentine. Photo: Facebook 

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