Pedal to the metal as Adrian rocks the axe

By Zaid Siddiqui @newsbyzaid

Former music student Adrian Piza from Emu Plains in Sydney’s west is climbing the ladder as a music composer.

Piza has a YouTube Channel called Adrian Guitarist where you can find a variety of his music videos.

The genres of his music are heavy metal, symphonic metal, and melodic death metal.

“My music is all sorts of metal genres, mostly symphonic metal,” Piza, who took lessons until about two years ago, said.

The teenager engages with what he knows and has learned.

“Just playing with the skills I already know,” he said. “I play electric guitar and bass when I record.”

He started music when he was in primary school.

“I first started in year five,” said Piza.

The eighteen-year-old, whose goal is music production, has created many music albums, which he puts on his YouTube channel Adrian Guitarist and on Spotify.

“The first one was the the Apocalypse, that was sort of a rough track, it wasn’t the best, there was my Inferno, which was sort of the same, just as I’m learning how to compose and everything, still some things are good in it,” Piza said.

Adrian Piza shows off one of his guitars. Photo: Adrian Piza

“Then I’ve got Tyrants of the Rising Sun, then I’ve got the Machine, then I’ve got Times of Yore, then I got Solar, Lunar and then my recent one Ener the Zone.”

Adrian said that his albums are unique in their own way but did say it depends on what the person prefers.

He has many guitars including a Jackson, Epiphone Prophecy, an Ibanez Gio and Ibanez mini.

Adrian plans to go to SAE Creative Institute next year to study music composition and learn new skills to climb further up the ladder with his music passion.

Feature image: Adrian Piza shreds in his Hysteria music video. Photo: Adrian Piza

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