Student Life

The Food Show

Certificate 4 students are back for 2021, bringing you live radio every Friday at 11am. Today’s theme was Food (nom!) The Food Show was hosted by Euan Swann, with stories by Ally Malcolm , Elli Lamplugh, Christian Penny, Pat Sunderland, Adam Cook, Marco Delpopolo, Brad Hayne, and Therese Mariko. If you missed us today, no […]


‘STEVE’: the mysterious lights in the sky

South of the northern lights, there lies another aurora-like phenomenon: STEVE (or Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement, formally). It’s distinguished by a large, purple stream of plasma. One of the many unique things about STEVE is its accompanied ‘picket fence’. Vertical green stripes line the purple ribbon, and these have some mystery surrounding them. Due […]