Overcome fear of operations and prepare for surgery

By George Swan @swangeorge

Operations can be anxiety-inducing for most people and many studies show the relaxation effects of hypnotherapy often resulting in reduced levels of fear and anxiety.

Most people feel a little anxious about an upcoming operation or procedure, which can be healthy and useful to prepare to get yourself ready. However, if you are losing sleep over it by worrying too much and thinking the worst then that’s probability not useful. All that negative thinking can generate excessive fear and anxiety so you might want to take a step back and consider your attitude.

Your attitude has an enormous effect on how you feel in the lead up to the operation, during the surgery and recovery post-surgery. So how can we change our attitude?

In a study: –
Self-hypnosis reduces anxiety following coronary artery bypass surgery. A prospective, randomized trial showed a 56% reduction in anxiety in 26 patients who received pre-operative hypnotherapy.

Likewise, in this other study: –
Hypnosis Reduces Preoperative Anxiety in Adult Patients where 32 coronary bypass patients showed that patients undergoing hypnotherapy to overcome fear of operations and prepare for surgery were found to be more relaxed after surgery, had less need for pain medications and recovered faster.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help you feel calmer in the lead-up, during and post-surgery. As well as help the body heal faster, help the body to accept the surgery and prime your unconscious mind with suggestions of relaxation about your upcoming surgery.

Do you have surgery coming up and wish to feel calm about it? I have also created a pre-recorded Hypnotic Meditation to Overcome Fear of Operations and Prepare for Surgery session available free on youtube for those that wish to receive a session that is designed for a broader audience.

If you wish to receive a more professional tailored hypnotherapy session, then best to search the internet for hypnotherapists that specialise in preparing clients for surgery.

Featured image: Surgery team preparing for an operation. Photo: Canva

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