It’s much harder to make friends as we get older :(

BY THOMAS ENGLISH @thomasjenglish7

One of the biggest challenges for adults is, put simply, making friends.

There’s some irony in that, while over elders are always encouraging children to make more friends, it’s after 18 that we most struggle to develop that relationship.

A recent survey by an Associate Professor of Communications Studies, Jeffrey Hall, found that on average it takes 50 hours to cement a casual friendship relationship between two adults, with another 40 hours needed to be actual friends.

To be a good, or close friend, according to this professor, 200 hours plus of time spent in each other’s company is required, showing how much harder it is for adults, with more than a fear of trigonometry needed for bonding.

Kids get it easy comparatively, with friendships at that age more based on after school activities, while over 18s have to really nurture that relationship.

Speaking to TAFE students, who suggested that making friends gets harder as you get older, due to lack of time for socialising.

“Personality comes into it as well, emotions decide whether someone chooses to have a great social life”

“It’s also difficult when you have a variety of cultures, it can be hard to communicate with people from other cultures. If you become part of the culture and fit in, you find it easier.”

“At TAFE people don’t want to socialise they want to study, and the same at work.”

Featured image: Best friends. Photo: Thomas Leuthard/CC/Flickr

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