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Podcast series: Let’s Take the Next Steps

Please join us for a series of podcasts commemorating Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week 2017.

A new episode will be uploaded here each day, starting today with a podcast by Certificate 4 Radio Broadcasting students Talecia Vescio and Miles Davies, who spoke with Gadigal elder Uncle Ray Davison, Director of Eora College Danny Allende, Diploma of Music student Pollyanna Thomson and other guests at Sydney TAFE’s Sorry Day ceremony on May 26.



We would like to offer our respect and appreciation to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, and also thank our brothers and sisters at Eora College for so generously offering us their wisdom and knowledge and for telling us their stories, many of which are so painful to relate.

Learn more about Reconciliation Week and how you can take the next steps towards equality, equity and unity at the Reconciliation Australia website.

Read about Sorry Day and the stories of the Stolen Generation here. The full Bringing Them Home Report – important reading for all Australians – is available here.

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Featured image: National Sorry Day 2015, by butupa/CC/flickr

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