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My journey: Studying for a new start in the media industry

By Patricia Meunier

I am a Swiss journalist now based in Sydney. I love meeting new people and learning about novelties, and I also love what makes the news.

Since I started my journey in Australia, I have been willing to work in the Australian media industry. First reality check: it is difficult to find a position because the market is highly competitive, and I am very new to it.

I don’t have a priceless book of contacts in the industry. But I am optimistic I’ll get there.

As a journalist in my home country, I used to work for radio and newspapers. I have experience in news at the regional, national, and international levels. I became a freelance about 12 years ago and specialised in economics and finance.

Now I am here, I need to upskill with the specific skills which will help me to get the job I want. Social media, mobile content, short film production and podcasts are things I would like to master.

This year, I have enrolled to a course in Screen and Media at TAFE because the certificate offers a range of lessons which will help me to reach my goals. I need to learn, practice and get more confidence before launching into the job market.

Another factor I am fond of about TAFE is meeting new people and teachers. It is so helpful to develop new contacts. I have been given excellent advice from my teachers who are really trying to help everyone.

It is also interesting to interact with other students as everybody comes from a different background.

I am also what TAFE call a mature student (35 years of age or older). It is a great opportunity to engage with a younger generation. I have to admit that I have learned a lot from them so far.

Feature Image: From a well-organised life in the Swiss Alps to a new start near the ocean. Photo : CCO/Public Domain

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