My first experience on an A321

By Zaid Siddiqui @newsbyzaid

Flying on an Airbus A321 for the first time from Perth to Sydney was a great experience, the longer cabin of the aircraft gave a distinct perspective and vibe compared to the regular shorter sister of the A321, the Airbus A320.

I did not find sitting for more than three hours throughout the flight difficult. The Recaro-made seats used in the Jetstar A321 aircraft are slim which helped the aircraft increase seating capacity and provide overall comfort.

Regarding the seat pitch, the A2321 had adequate seat pitch in my view especially for a low-cost carrier such as Jetstar which has an average seat pitch of 71.1 cm on their A321 aircraft.

Flying on Jetstar meant there was no in-flight meal service or in-flight entertainment, you had to bring your own food and entertainment. However you could pre-order a meal from the website or purchase food from the in-flight menu.

The flight was a late-afternoon departure from Perth which meant I caught the sunset from 30,000ft (9144m) in the air. The views were stunning as I saw the world from a different perspective.

The flight almost got cancelled after being delayed due to an unknown reason, prompting the captain to make an unusual announcement.

What a view (times two). Pictures: Zaid Siddiqui

“We are late, we are pushing Sydney curfew and unless we don’t get this head count, we won’t be going anywhere,” the captain said.

A thrilling aspect of the A321 were the V2533-A5 engines, they had a nice sound when they spooled. The engines produce around 140.55kN of thrust, and it felt calming when they roared into life down runway 06.

Regardless of the announcement before departure, the flight landed in Sydney on runway 34L, late at night around 10-11 pm.

Overall it was a pleasant and interesting experience.

Feature image: A Jetstar Airbus A321- 321 at T2 (Sydney Airport) Photo: Zaid Siddiqui 

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