May 10 News Headlines

Written by Joseph Najjar

  • Tony Koch publishes article criticizing media groups: Journalist Tony Koch has specifically attacked The Australian and Courier Mail, both of which he has worked for throughout his career, for publishing ‘anti-Labor rubbish’. In his Guardian article, Koch discussed how he can longer stand the bias nature of the media, and how he intends to cancel his subscription to these papers. Koch went on to challenge the quality of the media today, and  implored that there needs to be more fact and truth being published.
  • Spelling mistake on new Australian $50 note: The error on the note is in the word ‘responsibility’, with the word being spelt ‘responsibilty’; missing the last I. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the $50 note is the most widely circulated Australian bill. The RBA has further stated how 46 million bills with the typo have already been printed, but that they intend to fix the typo in further reprinting. The typo came from an excerpt of Edith Cowans, the first woman to be elected to Australian Federal Parliament.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio host fired for insulting Royal Baby Archie Harrison: Radio host, Danny Baker, was fired for posting a picture on Twitter in which he compares the new Royal to a chimp. The photo, later removed, depicted a baby chimp leaving a hospital, with the caption ‘Royal baby leaves hospital’. The tweet was seen as an attack on Duchess Meghan Markles mixed-heritage. Baker responded that it wasn’t an act of racism, but comparing the Royals to circus animals. Baker announced his termination from BBC on Twitter writing: ‘Just got fired from @bbc5live’.
  • New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, voted most trusted politician in Australia: The poll, conducted by OPR for their 2019 Believability Index, reportedly surveyed 1400 Australians across the country. Twelve politicians, including Ardern, were included in the poll. The group were assessed on these factors: relevance, integrity, shared values, commitment, affinity, and delivering on their promises. Ardern came in first with a 77 out of 100 score. In second place is Australian Senator Penny Wong, who achieved a score of 53 out of 100.
  • Liberal campaign launch scheduled for this Sunday: The launch will focus upon the solidifying the election platform being the creation of jobs and a plan to tax Australians less. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will reportedly not be at the launch, as he is currently in New York. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Minister of Home Affairs Peter Dutton are also not expected to be in attendance, due to campaigning in their local electorates. It has been speculated by many media outlets that their lack of attendance is the result of unpopularity amongst the voting masses.
  • US President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump jr,  subpoenaed by US Senate: The President’s son, Trump jr, was subpoenaed to testify by the Senate Intelligence Committee on his June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer that promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton during the election. The action to subpoena Trump jr was led by a Republican Committee, and has ignited a firestorm within the party, as it has caused tension between the Republican President, and Republicans in the Senate. The Chairman of the Committee, Senator Richard Burr, has ignored the criticism of his fellow Republicans and is determined to hear the testimony of Trump jr. The date of the hearing has not been revealed.

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