Q&A: Lime Cordiale’s Louis and Oli

Northern Beaches brothers, Oli and Louis Leimbach are on their rise to fame. With an upcoming tour of the U.S and various festival appearances, Lime Cordiale is working up a storm. Known for their chilled out personalities and unique beach pop music, it’s no doubt that everyone is keen for a new album, inspired by the Lime Cordiale boy’s international adventures. They spoke with LAURA-MAE WILLIAMS.

When & why did you guys form Lime Cordiale?
Oli: I had some bands in high school. In high school they just kinda form and drop off and change names and someone quits and everything just kind of tumbles downhill. Then, after high school we just started playing together, we were on a bit of a family holiday and we didn’t really have anything to do and we just started playing together. As you get older, as brothers, you kinda stop fighting and you work together a bit more.

What’s your favourite thing about being in a band?
Louis: Playing music.
Oli: (Laughs) Yeah but just how you meet so many people. There are just so many different people at every gig. It’s the easiest way of making friends, when you’re in Melbourne or just a different city. There are so many people there and you have a reason to say hi and you can kinda hang out and they can show you the cool places and the different cities. Just having a purpose when you’re travelling, I think, is one of the coolest things.

What’s been your craziest/favourite gig?
Oli: Early on we did one at Palm Beach, on a wharf and we kinda threw a party and built a stage on the wharf and about a thousand people rocked up. It went insane. It was just way too much.
Louis: This girl fell off the stairs and broke her head open. Then we had to get it shut down.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a band?
Oli: Louis broke his leg on a Wednesday, (and) we had a gig on the Friday in Melbourne. He broke it, spent a night in hospital and we had to put him in the car and drive about 20hrs, do the gig, and drive straight back. Louis couldn’t even get out of the car.
Louis: Broke it skateboarding. Really badly. That was probably the biggest challenge, for me! It was fine, I was so high on… medical little things.

You’re about to go and do a tour around the U.S. Where are you going?
Oli: We are going to go, Austin Texas because there’s a big festival called South by Southwest and that’s our main thing over there, we are playing five times at that festival, different showcases and things. It’s like a showcase sort of festival to show off bands. Then we will be going back to L.A and hopefully doing a bit of a tour, its being set up at the moment.

What are you looking forward to most over there?
Louis: Just to go surfing over there. Pretty keen to do that.
Oli: Just being somewhere different, it’s a bit freaky because we kind of just have to start again in a lot of ways, because our fan base that we have is here. Yeah, just travelling and seeing new things as well. It’s just a completely different world.

Will this tour inspire a new album for Lime Cordiale?
Louis: Yeah, I think so. Oli is writing one at the moment about L.A and he hasn’t even been there yet. He’s cheating.

Featured image: Louis (L) and Oli Leimbach of Lime Cordiale. Photo: Laura-Mae Williams

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  1. Great Interview LM sounds like you had a lot of fun! The bit about having a thousand fans at a gig is pretty crazy

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