Kesha feels the love after court ruling


It was a sad day in court for pop sensation Kesha and women’s rights everywhere after a New York judge ruled on Friday that the teary and distraught singer would not be released from a recording contract with Sony Music and the producer she claimed was sexually and mentally abusing her for years.

The 28-year-old star first filed a sexual civil law suit against her super producer Dr Luke in L.A. last October. She alleged the producer had drugged and raped her, the first time by giving her what he called a ‘sober pill’ just after her 18th birthday. She alleged the producer threatened to take away her publishing rights.

A storm of outrage and sympathy erupted when Kesha’s fans, known as ‘The Animals’, took their anger and disgust at the ruling to social media. They were joined by members of the general public and celebrities everywhere.

After hashtags such as #freekesha and #sonysupportsrape ran rampant through the Twittersphere an attorney for the accused producer slammed the star for coordinating a ‘trial by Twitter’. The 28 year old singer was using a ‘vicious smear campaign’ to ruin Dr.Luke’s reputation, he said.

Many big name celebrities also used Twitter to express love and support.

The stand out support came from none other than Taylor Swift, who put her money where her mouth is and donated A$350,000 to help her fellow singer with her legal costs after ‘frenemy’ Lovato not-so-subtly called her out for not publicly acknowledging Kesha’s plight.