Jess Davoren:Deceptive Innocence

Deceptive Innocence: The Adventure of childhood.

de·cep·tive/diˈseptiv/’– Giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading
in·no·cence/ˈinəsəns/– The state, quality, or virtue of being innocent

These definitions are the meaning behind my theme Deceptive Innocence, The Adventure of Childhood. The subject of my photographs is my nephew, Ethan James Davoren.

The featured photographs show a few of the many adventures of a child, innocent at heart but with the world on his fingertips. They have a certain amount of mystery to them as all children have.

My intended audience is the child in everyone. I believe everyone can relate to these photographs, as everyone was once a child. Photographs have the power to bring back childhood memories. The joy for life and adventure that a child has is a wonder of life and these photos capture that.

The majority of the photographs are captured in colour, to ensure that every aspect of the image was captured and emotion was conveyed, this is also present in the black and white photographs.

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