Interview: Jebediah’s Kevin Mitchell


For any band in Australia, a 20-year career is quite an achievement. Withstanding artistic differences, non-paying gigs and arduous journeys between venues it is easy to see why bands throw in the towel long before spending a couple of decades together.

Jebediah is one of the few bands from the 90s to reach such a milestone. They have survived the arid landscape that is both the Australian music industry and the country’s geography and lived to tell the tale, with a trail of achievements to prove it.

The band’s latest tour will feature the release of a handpicked compilation from Jebediah’s back catalogue. Some songs have been a part of their live performance for a number of years. Even after evolving as a song writer and musician, Kevin Mitchell – aka Bob Evans, the bands front-man and rhythm guitarist – says he still enjoys playing the older songs, in fact even more than ever. “I appreciate things more than I ever used to. It comes with age!”

Surely after so long recording and touring relationships sour and musical chemistry dissipates, and things just aren’t what they used to be? Kevin says otherwise. “Things haven’t changed much at all.” The intermittent touring schedule is a key factor. “These days we don’t tour as often as we did in the 90s.”

Kevin says his time in the band helped him develop as a musician. “It’s given me the confidence to follow my instincts. It’s worked, so I think I know what will work.”

The secret to a long-lasting music relationship is friendship, he says. “Play music with your best friends for the love of it, and don’t break up. Helps to sell a few records [too].”

Dust off your chain wallet, bleach those tips and go get yourself a dose of teenage nostalgia. Jebediah’s 20th Anniversary Tour kicks off in June, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Featured image: Jebediah. Photo from the Jebediah Facebook page

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