Jackass: Ryan Dunn Forever

By Eddie Davis

Jackass Forever, a film which holds up after 11 years from the last film, (Jackass 3D). In my words this film is a grand return, fresh and exciting. The most talked-about thing for the past year, it had many troubles, mainly COVID-19. But here it is, the glory of its true self, the film everyone has been waiting for.

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold on to your seats, this is Johnny Knoxville and the gang at their funniest and most nostalgic, so be prepared. The ride of your life!

The fourth film and the final is an explosive take on how much you can really feel uncomfortable with scenes which involve (spoiler warning) bees on your twaddle, having your friend go through humorous tortures such as having a hockey ball aimed at your twaddle, a baseball aimed at your twaddle, and so on.

These guys had done so many stunts to the point that they were running out of ideas. More of these stunts are usually reused from the original TV series. It’s a nice call back to something that started a cult classic.

The problem I found with this film was something internal, the inside production of this film. Earlier this year they had “fired” fellow cast member Bam Margera. Watching his only scene in the film had given me a sense of dread, I already knew of the news prior to watching the movie.

The great thing about the movie is the new members to the team. Yeah, obviously the gang are getting old, but at least we have new people. The best addition to the team would be Zach Holmes, or better known as Zackass. His part in the film is fitting, as he already made fame through social media with own stunts.

The film as a whole is a great return, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best Jackass film. Only two members who aren’t in the film were the downfall, but it’s a sweet end of giving a memorial to their dear and beloved friend. Ryan Dunn.

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