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Hugh Jackman Off To NASA

By Brittney Tolhurst

Australian Singer, Actor and Dancer Hugh Jackman, heads off to NASA’s Lone Star flight museum in Houston, Texas for the launch of Montblanc’s new space-age StarWalker pen. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Jackman has been the global ambassador for Montblanc since 2014, but insists he’s been a fan of  the German brand way before he became an ambassador for the company. 

The launch party for these galactic pens took place on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing that happened in 1969. NASA throws a party for the anniversary every year and they have temporarily put up a planetarium above the museum that glistens in a shade of pale blue to resemble the “Pale Blue Dot” on top of the revamped Starwalker pen.

Under the dome, many VIP guests such as actor Diane Kruger and Model Winnie Harlow, accompanied Hugh for the event. Jackman was all dressed up in a crisp Blue suit and the shirt open at the neck to show his support for the Montblanc pen. 

“I’ve always loved Montblanc as a kid,’ Jackman tells Executive Style at the NASA Lone Star flight museum in Texas. “I failed a test once because apparently my handwriting was illegible, and my dad was really upset, so I said, ‘Well, Dad, you know, maybe if you bought me a Montblanc fountain pen, then maybe my writing would be better…” 

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