How To Make It Through Scorpio Season In True Scorp Style

By Erin Hughes

It’s finally Scorpio season! The Scorpio is the sign of passion, intensity, independence and seduction, so use this season to reignite your sense of self and get ready to FEEL.

If you’re a fellow scorpio like me, get ready to feel totally at home with the intensity of your emotions, sensuality, and passion in all areas of your life. If you’re not a scorpio, don’t worry, this season can be a time for you to take a moment to reflect on your emotions which will be heightened, and embrace all that you’re passionate about. With a new moon coming on the 27th of October, you can use that energy to start fresh and replenish. Here are some witchy ways to make the most of this Scorpio season:

Embrace your inner dark-side 

Don’t be afraid of those negative thoughts and emotions. I mean, stay positive, but allow yourself to embrace all that you’re feeling and take it in your stride. Scorpios aren’t afraid of the dark stuff, I encourage you to set free your inner 2010 emo, goth or scene kid. Dress in black, stare moodily out the window, and listen to sad music. It’s what your inner scorpio would want.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings

Alright now that you’ve embraced your internalised emo, it’s time to FEEL. Cry! Cry about everything, but only in the comfort of your home or with someone you would die for. That’s what a true scorpio would do. It’s okay to have an overly intense reaction to any small situation that may come up during the season. Just let yourself be. 

Celebrate the new moon 27th Oct

After getting your self all moody, this next new moon is the perfect time to reset those intense emotions and regather how you’re really feeling. Scorpio’s are knowingly passionate so you can also use this new moon and the scorpio season energy to fire up your work, love and creative life. 

Have a Seance

In true dark scorpio fashion, why not have a seance? This season is the perfect opportunity to reach out to those dark spirits that surround you and your friends. So what better way to celebrate the new moon than to get together with your friends, drink some red wine, and contact the dead! You can also use this seance to spruce up your goals for the new moon by playing with some serious dark magik!

Just remember this Scorpio season, let yourself be passionate, seductive, independent and down right rock ‘n’ roll! 

(Disclaimer: I will not accept responsibility for anything spooky that happens during your seance. Your seance, your responsibility.)

Featured image: Pixabay/CC

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