Gun Girl in Big Doo Doo

Kaitlyn Bennett, AKA the notorious Kent State Gun Girl, uses her platforms on social media, including Tik Tok and Youtube, to publicly shame the LGBT+ community, Left-Wingers, and blue-haired feminists. The young-adult version of ‘Karen’ is an example of extreme conservative pro-gun, pro-Trump, and pro-life opinions.

Kaitlin conducts interviews American college students on controversial social topics for her “libertarian media outlet” Liberty Hangout. Her favourite topics to embarrass herself to include abortion, transgender people, and cultural appropriation. Bennett’s view’s on transgender people are almost strictly limited to bathrooms and the importance of knowing what genitals they have. Bennett herself, lost control of her bowels at a frat party during her time at college and was photographed passed out in her own faeces. So in consideration of her history with missing the toilet, it’s ironic that she cares so much about peoples use of lavatories. Poopy-Pants Bennett graduated Kent State University with a degree in biological sciences (even though her knowledge of the excretory system is poor) in 2018. In May that year, Kaitlin posted her graduation photos of her open-carrying an AR-10 rifle on campus and the photo got mass attention from social media.

In a video titled ‘Leftists riot against Kaitlin Bennett at Ohio University’ Bennett attempted to conduct her usual content and interviews but eventually got surrounded by students yelling “wheres your diaper?” and “we hate fascists” whilst throwing toilet paper at her. But hey, she carries right? So if toilet paper and a splash of water counts as an act of terrorism then open carrying an AR-15 on college campuses should be considered as a similar (and more reasonable) example of the term ‘terrorist’

All in all, Kaitlin Bennett knows her problematic and controversial views spark uproar from a majority of students and ignorantly expresses her bigoted, transphobic, homophobic, racist, opinions onto educated people with stronger intellectual arguments. She preys on students at College campuses and baits interviewees with hypocritical prompts so she can manipulate them to appear unreasonable, violent and unintelligent. She harasses people at Women’s Marches, Pro-Choice Rallies, and Mardi Gras pride marches in order to preach her conflicting views purely to exploit people and gain content.

To conclude, I want to pose a closing thought. When Bennett attends events and places where she is the minority (even as a cisgender, heterosexual caucasian) she, an avid gun owner, feels intimidated by public discussions with unarmed intellectuals. So if they had guns too would she feel safer?

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Featured image: Kaitlyn Bennett at Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ , 22 November 2019 by Benjamin Chelnitsky,_2019.jpg

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