Get that in your gob

By Abi D’Souza

Take a trip down memory lane

No-hat, no-play? Bummer. But hey, at least now you don’t have to share these iconic Aussie school snacks with anyone.

1: Tiny Teddy

Arnott’s Tiny Teddy’s were, and still are, an Aussie lunchbox classic. Whether you chose honey, choc-chip or chocolate (chocolate for the win), these were the perfect sweet bikkies for recess.

How to eat: Bite off each appendage one by one like a serial killer.

2: Jumpy’s

Consider yourself privileged if mum or dad packed you these. Every overly seasoned bite of these chips was a blissful sodium paradise. However, I think we can all agree that the bag was 85% air.

Side question? Jumpy’s or JJ’s?

3: Ovaltinees

Ovaltinees were the snack that combined the texture of compressed chalk with the look of dog kibble and the taste of off brand Milo – in the most delicious way possible.

We all believed these were healthy, right? Just me?

4: Mamee noodle snacks

Adopted from Malaysia, the snack has become an Australian school gem. You can almost hear the crunching of the packet and smell the seasoning sachet through the screen.

Question is … do you bite into the cake whole or crush it and tip your head back, while funnelling it down your throat?

5: LeSnak

Our first taste of authentic French cuisine. The ground-breaking layout of the savoury biscuits in one side and mixture of glue and “cheese’” in the other are enough to make Matt Preston weak at the knees.

Opinion: the cheese and cracker ratio was so off

6: Roll-ups

A tattoo parlour on our very own school playgrounds.

Half the fun of a Roll-up was to press the black patterns on to our tongues to show to our friends. Although, they were probably our dentists’ worst nightmare.

7: Zooper Doopers

The unofficial Infinity Stones of canteen ladies, nationwide – each tantalising flavour with the power to induce a hyperactive sugar fit.

Just be careful not to slice your mouth open with the serrated-edge-knife plastic.

8: Shapes

You knew it was going to be a good week when these bad boys were added to the shopping trolley. Despite the huge range that we have today, the original five are the only ones you really need.

They’re flavour-packed, so expect to lick your fingers after demolishing the packet.

Honourable mentions:

Kellogg’s LCM’s

Pocky sticks

Juice: Pop tops, Prima, Golden Circle.

Feature Image: Aussie lunchbox classic Tiny Teddies . Picture: Sister Ray/CC/flickr

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