Gamescom 2015. Is. Awesome.


Gamescom 2015 began today in Germany and there was a lot going on. There were reveals for highly anticipated games by 2K, WB Studios and EA, with awesome story trailers and awesome explode-y gameplay.

It kicked off with a pretty exciting reveal trailer for the third instalment in the Mafia series. 2K released the four-minute trailer featuring new protagonist Lincoln Clay driving around the swamplands of 1960s New Orleans with an unfortunate hostage, accompanied by the soothing sounds of The Animals and Jimi Hendrix.

Warning: this trailer contains graphic content, viewer discretion advised

Up next we have Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront, showcasing their new dogfighting mode. The game mode shows off its very beautiful crisp gameplay, with hyper realistic Rebel and Imperial fleets and the ability for 20 players to go head to head to defend or destroy their objectives. And it wouldn’t be a Star Wars game without its key heroes and villains: Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon destroys the Imperial fleet as Bobba Fett’s Slave I comes to laser your engines.

Ad finally, at Xbox’s Conference they showed off the next few titles in their upcoming line of games, expected within the next year or so. Xbox premiered new gameplay trailers for the upcoming Xbox exclusives Crackdown 3, Scalebound and Killer Instinct Season 3, as well as announcing Halo Wars 2 coming to both Xbox One AND Windows 10.

FromSoftware also showing off new gameplay trailer for Dark Souls 3 and Deep Silver showing off gameplay for their upcoming first-person-shooter Homefront: The Revolution.

They also showed the new demo from Remedy Entertainment’s game Quantum Break with the lead actor for the game, Shawn Ashmore, surprising fans at the event with Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake to discuss and show the game on-stage.

Xbox also announced they’re launching their backwards compatibility for the Xbox One in November of this year. Ever since announcing the idea at E3, 3 million Xbox fans cast their votes on what games they want to be brought to the Xbox One. So far their new additions are Gears of War and Shadow Complex, which became available this weekend.

Gamescom finishes on August 9.

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