Feel Good Videos For Father’s Day


Today is ‘Feel Good Friday’ and to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend we have trawled YouTube looking for the best feel-good videos of dads doing what dads do best! Dads come in all shapes and sizes and here at TAFE Media we want to celebrate the diversity of fatherhood. To motivate you to give your dad a cracker weekend, here are dads from all walks of life showing us how it’s done!

Animal Dads

Here is an educational look at the weird and wonderful fathers of the animal kingdom.

The Hairdresser Dad

A single dad from Colorado, USA helping his community one French braid at a time.

Superhero Dads

We all have a story of dads saving our bacon as kids. Here’s a video showcasing dads’ lightning fast superhero skills.

Inspiring Dads

In this segment from the ABC’s Australian Story, we meet Dennis and John who have fostered over a dozen children over the past two decades. The two are a parenting powerhouse; making a difference in Australian children’s lives.

So, between the breakfast in bed and the SuperCheap auto voucher remember to appreciate the finer details of what makes your dad special. We hope here at TAFE media we have made your Friday feel good.




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