Explore the wonderful world of green teas

By Jeremy Niass @JeremyNiass

Green tea is renowned as being a healthy tea. And for some people it is the perfect alternative to a stronger black tea.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to the green teas on the supermarket shelf. The stock there might not be representative of the range of green teas available to you.

Here are three green teas you should try at least once. I say once, but I think you will end up keeping at least one in your pantry.

Jasmine tea

A sweet, aromatic flavour emanates from a cup of jasmine tea.

But it’s not too sweet: the green tea component serves to taper the excitement of jasmine to create a humble blend that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

If you have frequented an Asian restaurant, especially a Chinese one, you might have tried jasmine green tea as it is usually served complimentary.

Jasmine tea combines green tea with a floral scent. Photo: Julia Filirovska/CC/Pexels 

Sencha tea 

If the sweetness of jasmine green tea is not for you, then sencha tea is the perfect compromise.

Known for its more savoury taste, sencha tea is a beautiful blend with a grassy flavour.

This is my go-to tea for an evening meal as the savouriness is the perfect complement for delicious food.

It is one of the most popular teas in Japan for a reason. Take a sip and find out why.

Sencha has a rich green colour, and a distinct taste to match it. Photo: YouTube 

Matcha tea

If you want to step your tea brewing game up a notch, then matcha tea is where you should turn your attention.

This tea is blended in a matcha bowl. You use a matcha whisk to delicately stir the tea, creating a delicious froth.

The result? A tea that can be described in one word: joy.

The first sip of matcha tea is like a delicate breath that fills your body with a warm, calming exuberance. This blend creates an experience that must be tried to be believed.

And I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Matcha is prepared using a matcha bowl and whisk. Photo: Pixabay/CC/Pexels 

Get brewing

Now you have three more teas you can sample and (possibly) add to your tea collection.

Head to your local tea store to find any of the above green teas.

Just remember to follow the brewing instructions. Ask the shop assistant if you need a hand or check out Google or YouTube for some helpful tips.


Feature image: Green tea is healthy, delicious, and can be consumed at any time. Photo: Na visky/CC/Unsplash

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