Dudded: Biggest snubs of the 2023 Oscars

By Felix Trenbath

Every year the Oscars offers up the film industry’s supposed finest picks of the past 12 months and every year there is the discussion of what should have been in the nomination line-up.

This year is no exception.

Even though 2022 was a genuinely momentous year for movies, and will be remembered as such, sadly not all the films have received the credit they deserve.

Here are some of the biggest snubs of the 2023 Oscars.

The Menu: For best screenplay and director

Mark Mylod’s dark comedy thriller wowed audiences with masterfully satirical social commentary and deliciously entertaining thrills and laughs. Yet as far as the Oscars were concerned, The Menu was left uneaten. As far as class commentary 2022 films go, The Menu deserved best picture way more than Triangle of Sadness did.

RRR: For literally every category

The sublime Indian historical action epic Triple R was a massive hit in the West on streaming platforms and is a clear sign Hollywood needs to step up. The film was an instant classic that stands next to the greatest movies of all time like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Yet apart from a deserved nom for best original song RRR was left out of every category. The Academy needs to get with it!

Top Gun Maverick: For best cinematography

Although this blockbusting jet-set epic has received six nominations it feels quite bizarre that its best and most defining quality, its stunning cinematography, was superseded for the shortlist.

Devotion: For best picture, best actor, best original screenplay

With race relations being a very poignant theme for the Academy, and Top Gun captivating the masses last year, the fact that Devotion was not mentioned at all in the nominations is quite the head scratcher. It is a Top Gun meets Saving Private Ryan war drama about an African-American flyer and a white pilot’s unlikely friendship in the 50s that is based on a true story. The film is on Netflix and is well deserving of a Friday night watch.

Everything Everywhere all at Once: For best VFX

While this other modern classic has most certainly gotten its time in the spotlight it is a crime that its stellar visual effects were not recognised, especially so considering the film managed to achieve this with a paltry budget of just $US25 million ($A38m). The massive $US250 million ($A380m) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had its visual effects nominated but its visual effects are actually arguably worse than this genre-bending masterpiece. Disappointed!

Featured image: Ralph Fiennes in The Menu. Picture Searchlight Pictures/YouTube

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