People share the strange ways they met their friends


All friendships have to start somewhere. Most friendship beginnings start in simple ways, being neighbours, at a party or through mutual friends.
Some stories, however, are slightly different.

Reddit users begun sharing their unique stories of becoming friends.

  1. “My childs father used to talk and talk about his friends “Oliver” and “Rain”, whom I never met because he lost touch over time. I told him I loved the name Oliver and if we ever had a male child, I wanted to name him that. We did, and now I have a little (teen) Oliver. Anyway, during a festival miles and miles from home, I hear someone call out to a girl walking by “Rain!” and I stopped her and asked her if she had dated an Oliver once, by chance. She said yes, that was her deceased husband. I told her that she was never going to believe it, but I have a child by that name because of stories I had heard about them. We became very close and she eventually moved to my state, even. We are best friends, now, and she is super happy that she gets to see Oliver in another form, every day.”
    – WhyFi
  2. “I met my best friend through my boyfriend at the time. Just so happened he was her boyfriend too.”
    – baconeyes
  3. “We were in middle school. She was alone and looking sad in the library, which was where I usually hung out. I sat down next to her and asked her why she was sad.
    “Because I don’t have any friends.”
    “Well… I could be your friend…”
    And she smiled.
    That was 21 years ago.”
    – flyingfishstick
  4. “This new kid got on my bus in the 7th grade, and sat near me. Not too long after getting settled he just stood up and asked aloud if anyone else plays Runescape. I responded with “Yeah, every now and then.” For the rest of the ride, he talked about nothing but Runescape. Over ten years later and with an ocean between us, he still talks about nothing but that game.”
    – LordOfBiscuits
  5. “In elementary school I didn’t know how to make friends so I just sorta walked up to a group and followed them every day at recess for a week or two. One day they actually talked to me and that’s how we became friends.”
    – anotherpoweruser
  6. “First day of kindergarten she came up to me (we were both crying) and says “wanna be best friends”! And I said sure.”
  7. “Mine happened back in Primary 1 (equivalent of First Grade)…
    I was sitting beside this dude on the first day of school during assembly and despite my attempts of being a friendly nice guy, that snobby bastard refused to even acknowledge my presence.
    7-year-old was never going to give up this easily. I stood up, went to his mother whom I recognized earlier and told her “Your son wouldn’t make friends with me”. Seconds later after a ‘nice talk’ from that lady to her son, I soon made another new friend in school.
    If all other ways of making a new friend fail, apply authoritarian methods.”
    – Crypt0x
  8. “I watched her recreate an epic love poem using sock puppets for an advanced lit class. I laughed until I cried and decided this was a friendship worth pursuing. Instincts were right. She’s delightful and like a sister to me. And she introduced me to her brother; he’s the love of my life and sleeping next to me as I tap tappity away on reddit!”
    – petit_cochon
  9. “She bit my dog, Tootsie [Roll], because she assumed he would taste like candy. I punched her and our parents made us play together.”
    – EmeraldGirl
  10. “I met my best friend when we were 6 months old when our parents noticed we had the same stroller at a restaurant. 18 years later and still going strong.”
    – horsedog

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