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Creepypasta and the tale of Building Z

Creepypastas are paranormal and horror legends that circulate the internet, often including references to the occult. The most famous of the creepypasta folklore is the tale of Slender Man, who actually originated from a 2009 Photoshop competition – instead of being the decades old legend it is now considered to be.

Like many creepypastas that circulate the internet, there is a local TAFE Ultimo legend about something lurking in the walls of Building Z. Tim Samuel documented the tale.

Building Z of TAFE Ultimo was oblivious to the difference between morning dew and dusk’s shadow.

The rough carpeted rooms were flooded in a smooth mist of abandonment.

Joe was first to class, as he always was. He found comfort in being alone. So why was he comfortable now?

He sat down to write a script for the radio show tomorrow on his laptop, and the lights began to flicker. As vision escaped the room, only to be brought back for a flicker of hope, Joe’s suspicion was rising, the air turned a strange charge and all of a sudden, the door was gone. Not even a frame. The room had been walled off from the rest of the world. Only Joe… and it.

“Hot chocolate” it hushed through the intense silence. Joe was sure he was just tired. So he wiped his eyes. And opened them again. The door had returned, but the walls now reached as far as the mind could fathom. He walked towards the door but it pulled back as he stepped toward it. Joe flailed for all the power in his voice.


Bailey was first to class. Unusual for him. The room was empty. Empty except for a laptop. The door closed behind him. And the air turned a strange charge…

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