Childhood Nostalgia In The Form of a Snack

What really is the most highly rated Aussie childhood snack?

It’s no surprise that nostalgia comes a lot from memories of childhood. On today’s OffCampus show, our diploma class explore this idea of Nostalgia. I had a little think to myself about my own childhood memories and what came to me is the thought of food.

Wasn’t until my assistant manager came to work with a fruit roll-up one day, that was my mind transported back in time. The time where I was running around during recess and learning to trade and barter my milo bar for sheet of gummy rolled sugar.

Alongside my fellow classmates, thinking about what really gets my brain and stomach feeling nostalgic, I decided to ask around to rate some of the most nostalgic Aussie snacks. After surveying some friends and classmates online, I’ve averaged out a rating out of 10 for some of the most classic Aussie childhood snacks.

Fruit Roll-ups 7.8/10

It seems fitting that we start off with this old sticky friend. It was generally ranked pretty highly, despite being a dentists worst nightmare.

Iced VoVos 3.9/10

Theses bikkies clearly are the last choice for many with such a sad ranking. Some people even commented that they didn’t even know what they were. I must say it’s been at least a decade since since I had one last, but my taste buds fondly remember these guys. I guess I’m in the minority with that opinion.

Shapes 7.8/10

Oh all that flavour you can see. Those mini packets you’d find in your lunch box and everyone would ask you for a shape. The only question that remains though is, what’s the best flavour? Clearly BBQ…

Lamingtons 7.3/10

A classic, but really I can’t remember the last time I ate one… Do you? I must say it’s a fair rating I’ve averaged out, but there was one enthusiast who argued that they’d rank Lamingtons “a good 46/10.” Although I didn’t let that number skew the results.

Milo 8.1/10

I know it’s technically not a snack, but I couldn’t leave out such a staple beverage. Although I totally have just eaten milo straight out of the can before…

Jumpy’s 6/10

You’ve got to remember these bad boys right!? Although there were a few I polled who didn’t actually have an idea of them! The salt and vinegar Jumpy’s just hit differently to the chicken ones.

Zooper Doopers 9/10

Summer is coming in hot and mouths are about to be sliced across the nation , although its a small price to pay for this icy treat. Who is else is fighting everyone at the canteen to get the last raspberry or cola flavour?

Tiny Teddys 8.8/10

These packets were an entire currency in the playground trading economy. Not going to lie though, but I personally would say that the memory of the flavour experience would out weigh my taste buds today.

Nerds 7/10

Is it just me or does the thought of nerds take you back to athletic and swimming carnivals? Plus its absolutely abhorrent to even think about mixing the flavours together when you eat them.

Fairy Bread 9.5/10

Nothing about this nostalgic snack makes sense. However, once you’re chopping down on crunchy, sugary and buttery goodness everything seems right in the world. Enough said, nothing is more nostalgic than fairy bread, regardless of whether you like it or not.

And that’s that! Some of the most nostalgic childhood snacks and their ratings out of 10. It can definitely be argued for some, that the memory tastes better than they may today.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings about these ranking and also about other snacks that I didn’t cover today. You can find me @tkumar__ on Twitter and Instagram. Or you can reach out after our radio show today @offcampus_au.

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