The Entire Earth Is Being Built In Minecraft, And Here’s How To Help

It’s likely you’ve heard of Minecraft at some point or you personally have played the game. The blocky sandbox game was initially released in 2009, and to this day has an estimated 100+ million active players a month. Aside from the game’s default survival mode, creative mode has been a fundamental ingredient in the game’s enduring success. Creative mode allows players to use any material in game, which from they can build and are only limited by their own creativity. This freedom allows for a completely customisable gaming experience.

NSW/ACT BTE Server Spawn

In saying this, YouTuber PippenFTS has dared to create the most ambitious minecraft build project possible. To build the entire earth 1:1 scale in Minecraft. Arguably what Pippen is proposing may seem audacious in nature, but if even a fraction of the millions of the active players help build, is it really that far fetched?

Those familiar with the game would argue that this would not be possible in the vanilla (Unmodded) game, due to build height restrictions. The way around this problem is through a modded world map. The download of the world pack that players have access to has a terra 1:1 mod that removes the restrictions of the vanilla game, as well as adds the ability to view world maps and place markers. 

Streets of Kiama NSW

The earth has been expertly mapped out as the flat plane of the minecraft world follows an exact two dimensional net of our spherical globe. Through a whole lot of number crunching and with the aid of google maps, players can directly teleport to the exact latitude and longitude of any points internationally! On top of that, the world is mapped with all roads, waterways and builds outlined already! All that’s left to do is load it up and build!

The start of Circular Quay

Today I spoke with Louis (aka LustreBonny) the server administrator and owner of the Australian NSW/ACT build team, about the project and the application process. I myself am a builder in the Sydney team and I have to say in the last two weeks of the server’s existence, a lot of progress has already been made!

Louis’ Harbour Bridge Build

If you are interested in helping join a build team please jump onto discord to get all the relevant info and chat to others who can help you join!

Offical BTE discord –

Our NSW/ACT discord –

The server ip –

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