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Climate council: heat waves start earlier, last longer and occur more frequently. Photo: Gerald Simmons/flickr



Another record breaking summer for Australia

The Climate Council’s ‘Angry Summer’ report has analysed climate data for 2013-2014 summer.

Adelaide experienced 13 days over 40 degrees and a recording breaking 11 days over 42C, with South Australia recording its hottest day ever of 44.7C.

It has been the driest summer on record for 38 places in New South Wales and 45 areas in Queensland, and Sydney’s driest summer in 27 years.

The Council says the nature of heat waves is changing; they are now beginning to start earlier, last longer and occur more frequently.

The council’s Lesley Hughes says the hotter, drier weather conditions are frightening for bush fires. This summer burnt 280,000 hectares of land in Victoria.

Ms Hughes, a Macquarie University professor, says the weather patterns are due to climate change and the Government needs to address the current issue.

The overall report calls for ‘urgent and deep reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases’ to stabilise climate.


Search continues for flight MH370

A plane carrying 239 people, including six Australians two New Zealanders, lost contact with the ground and disappeared from the radar between Malaysia and Vietnam after leaving Kuala Lumpar for Beijing early last Saturday.

It is still unknown how the plane disappeared, although authorities noted that two passengers who boarded the plane were in possession of stolen passports. On Saturday the foreign ministries of Italy and Austria said the names of two of their citizens matched names on the stolen passports.

Low-flying planes searching for the missing aircraft spotted an object that might have been the plane’s door 90km south of Tho Chu Island. According to senior officials investigating the disappearance, it is possible the airliner disintegrated mid-flight.

Acting Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has said: “Our focus is to find the aircraft.”


Child Sex offender insists he is not a bad person

Peter Truong and partner Mark Newton sexually abused their adopted son, and flew him around the world for other men to molest him.

The couple bought their son for $8000 in Russia in 2005, and were arrested in February 2012 after they were investigated because their son travelled so frequently. Truong was sentenced to 30 years and Newton 40 years in a US prison in December 2012.

Truong told ABC’s Four Corners he was a victim and that others had convinced him that while sex with boys was illegal, it was not wrong. He insists he is not a bad person: “I love my son dearly and the last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was to hurt him,” he said.

The boy, now 12 years old, is now living with relatives.

Psychiatrist Dr Robert Halon has been evaluating sex offenders for more than 30 years and spent six hours interviewing Truong. “It’s easy to sit out and judge and to be out here and to see the devastation that a lot of these people do and how horrible they are and we have all kinds of horrible nicknames for them,” Dr Halon told Four Corners. “But it’s another thing to actually sit with a human being and to see the road that they travelled to get where they are.

“They didn’t all travel the same road, I can tell you that.”

The Boy With the Henna Tattoo airs on Four Corners at 8.30pm tonight.


Wanderers’ Santalab accused of racial remarks during Sydney derby

The Western Sydney Wanderers striker Brendon Santalab has denied racially abusing Sydney FC midfielder Ali Abbas during the A-league Sydney derby on Saturday night at Allianz Stadium.

Abbas was visually distracted during the match and at the end claimed he was racially abused.

News Ltd reported that Iraqi-born Abbas told his Sydney FC team that Santalab called him a highly derogatory term that referred to his Muslim religion.

There has been a history between the two players. Santalab told Fairfax: “There was nothing, it was just normal chat with Ali.” Santalab believes the exchange should stay between the players.

News Ltd is reporting that the Wanderers new owners will consider the future of players in the team who are found guilty of racial abuse to others.


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