Breaking news | February 18

David Beckham playing his final game for Real Madrid in 2007. Photo: Wikimedia Commons



One dead and 77 injured after conflict on Manus Island

Reports that one asylum seeker has died and another has been critically injured after a riot at the Manus Island detention centre were confirmed by IM SM today.

At a press conference in Darwin Mr Morrison told the media that 77 asylum seekers are currently being treated, 13 of those suffering major injuries. The riot comes amidst rumours of heightened tension following protests and mass breakouts over the past few days.

”If people choose to remove themselves from that centre then they’re obviously putting themselves at much greater risk and in an environment where there is violent behaviour,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison also confirmed reports that an asylum seeker was shot in the buttock and another critically injured with a fractured skull, but said he had no further information as to who fired the shot as the incidents occurred outside the detention centre.

When questioned about whether an investigation into the incidents will occur, the minister replied that the inquiry, since occurring in Papua New Guinea, would be pursued by the Papua New Guinea government and would be subject to PNG law.
Missing Japanese divers found

The five day search for seven Japanese divers came to a halt last night, with five of the seven found clinging to a coral reef on the coast of the Indonesian island of Bali, approximately 20km from where they were last seen.

The group consisted of six women and one man, including Shoko Takahashi and her husband who acted as the groups scuba instructors. All were experienced divers, and had logged more than 50 dives each. They began their diving expedition on Friday from the Mangrove area of Nusa Lembongan.

Indonesian officials had no further information regarding the remaining two divers missing from the group. It is also unknown whether they will continue the search.
Nanofibre research cancer breakthrough

New technology that tricks cancer cells into moving along a nanofibre to an area of the body where they’re more easily removed could be the start of controlling and even living with cancer, researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology have found.

The researchers focused on brain tumours, and showed that the size of a tumour decreased by 93 per cent in animals fitted with nanofibres, or “cancer monorails”, compared to animals in which the tumour wasn’t treated.

“It’s a way of bringing the tumour to the drug, not the drug to the tumour,” researcher Professor Ravi Bellamkonda told the BBC.

Dr Emma Smith, senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: “This fascinating, cutting-edge approach could lead to new ways of stopping tumours growing without damaging healthy tissue, which is particularly important for people with brain tumours.”
Becks courts Ronaldo for Miami

David Beckham is reported to be involved in a deal that would see the current World Footballer of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo, as the star player of Beckham’s own new club franchise in the MLS, America’s football league in three years time.

“Beck understand the need for a big, big name in the team when it gets going … and none come bigger than Ronaldo,” an MLS source told The Sun.

The addition of Ronaldo is described as “ambitious … but not in the least surprising. The added value that a name like Ronaldo would give Miami’s new team would be immeasurable.”

Ronaldo has previously expressed interest in retiring in America because of the allure of great financial wealth and a possibility of his own team – despite the common argument that the best players should remain in Europe.

The possible addition of Ronaldo to the MLS would bring worldwide attention to the franchise.

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