Beau Ryan’s Shock Announcement

Beau Ryan playing for Wests Tigers in 2011, Photo: Naparazzi/Flickr



It was the official announcement that rocked the world of rugby league, as the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks’ Winger Beau Ryan, was forced to make the decision of his life when an ongoing neck injury became career ending.

“Obviously with my injury, I am a guy, who bases my game on hard work, I am proud to be a guy that has got through not on ability but on dedication and to not be able to put my body on the line for the team and not be able to put my body on the line and make a collision for these guys that I love, I am not doing them justice”, he humbly spoke.

When questioned about the tough call, Ryan answered in disbelief, “yes as of… as of right now… so…you know it’s a hard decision,”

While off the field he is famous for his good-looks, charm and pretty boy image. However, when Beau’s sense of  humour and entertainment come into play everyone is in for a good laugh.

Despite being renowned as a funny man, Ryan was all seriousness when broadcasting his public statement on Channel 9’s The Footy Show last Thursday:

“I’ve been out to Cronulla, I spoke to the club last night, and Gal and a few of the boys, and we called a dinner, and after speaking with my family, and the club doctor and the boys at Cronulla, and particular my loved ones, I’ve made the decision to end my career effectively immediately from the NRL”.

The ‘Beau Knows’ comedic star, 29, said that he appreciates all that NRL has given him and the path it has lead him down today, but Ryan is still and always will be a family man at heart.

“I spoke to my beautiful wife Kara (and daughter Remi)… but after looking at them and waking up next to them each day and if something were to happen to me I would never forgive myself and my family comes first”, he said.

The loyal and well respected, NRL player has had an outstanding career in the game, “I have been very lucky and I have been blessed from above, and a lot of people have helped me out along the way”, Beau said.

“Even at the start of this year I wanted to play forever, but being realistic, and seeing what happens in the NRL, and the guys will tell you it’s a tough game, and the guys are getting bigger and stronger”, Ryan said.

Although it may be time for Beau Ryan to hang up his boots, it does not mean that this is all we will be seeing of him. He cannot be missed around Sydney, receiving huge attention from the rugby league community and fans of his work on The Footy Show.

“…I’d also like to thank all the fans out there, not just the fans of the sharks and the tigers, but the fans you guys of rugby league, that come up to me in the street, people that come up to me in the restaurant and in the cafe, people who come up to me and stick their head in my car when I’m driving in traffic and scare the shit out of my wife… it makes me feel good to make these people smile, happy and laugh and put a smile on their face, they are the average punter, and the guy I like to inspire at the end of the day… and I am in a position now where I get to go out to make people laugh, and make people smile, and I want to do it for the rest of my life”, he said.

Ryan’s positions on The Footy Show panel and as host of the segment, “Beau Knows”, show that his career in television presenting does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The elite star played 126 first grade games, scoring 53 tries. Debuting in 2007 with the West Tigers, Ryan then shifted to the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in 2013, until prematurely retiring from rugby league mid-season this year.


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