Be the scent-er of attention with these fragrance tips

By Abigail D’Souza @abi_dsouzaa

The world of fragrance is one that is unique, enveloping, and completely customisable to every individual. It helps to distinguish us from one another and is an integral part of our memories.  

So how do you choose which fragrances are best for you? And more importantly, how do you make the most out of them? 

I visited my local Priceline Pharmacy and spoke to three employees to find out what fragrances they recommend and how to wear them. 

The world of fragrance is both an art and a luxury. Photo: Mart Production/CC/Pexels

When selecting a custom scent you need to remember a few key things: 

Body chemistry

“Everyone’s natural scent and body temperature is different and can alter how a fragrance smells and lasts,” said Abbey, sales assistant at Priceline Hurstville. 

“When testing fragrances, you should have a rough idea of what you like, and then try them on paper. If you like it, you should always try it on your skin … it can often smell a bit sweeter or a bit different to how it does straight from the bottle.” 

Fragrance concentration guide. Graphic: Abigail D’Souza


Select fragrances that are season appropriate. 

“For a winter scent, I would recommend the Michael Kors Mystic Shimmer,” said Natalie, sales assistant at Priceline Hurstville. “It’s a very musky smell – very good for night time. It’s feminine, dark, not too overpowering … a very unique scent. If someone’s walking past with it, I’ll be thinking, oh, what’s that smell?  

“I recommend for winter to do the strong perfumes and then Spring, Summer- light ones. I’d do Coach Floral. It’s a clean, light floral … it lasts long and is perfect for all-year use.” 

The Fragrance Note Pyramid. Graphic: Abigail D’Souza

Intention & Occasion 

This depends on the mood you want to set or what impression you want to communicate  

“My favourite female fragrance is Ariana Grande Cloud,” said Dorothy, store supervisor at Priceline Hurstville. “Because it’s very light and slightly vanilla scented. It’s light and good for every day or when I’m going out. 

“I really like the One Million (Paco Rabanne). I’d recommend it for guys around 20 years old. For mature males, I think the Mont Blanc Legend or Versace Eros. It’s different, it’s less sweet. It smells like a businessman.” 

Make your fragrance last even longer with these hot tips:

  • Spray directly on to moisturised skin as fragrance adheres to oil much better than dry skin
  • Direct your sprays onto your pulse points- wrists, neck, chest
  • Spray your fragrance on to a hairbrush before brushing through your hair to refresh it
  • Have fun with layering lighter complimentary mists on top of stronger parfums to create a unique and personalised scent profile
  • Store your bottles in a cool, dark area

Featured image: There’s a lot to consider when investing in a new scent. Photo: Valeria Boltneva/CC/Pexels   

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