Batman Stan nabs man

By Peter Popovic

The man dressed as the comic book superhero Batman who was filmed handing over a wanted man at a British police station has been unmasked as a local Chinese takeaway delivery man.

The mysterious masked vigilante was identified as 39 year old local Bradford man Stan Warby. Mr Warby said that he had been at a football match dressed as the superhero when a friend called him asking for help in handing himself in to police. He accompanied his friend Danny Frayne to Bradford police station as a favour.

Mr Warby was returning from Bradford City’s cup final clash against Swansea at London’s Wembley Stadium before receiving a phone call from his friend. He anonymously took his 27-year-old friend to Trafalgar House police station in the early hours of February 25, telling officers: ”I’ve caught this one for you.”

Local police later posted on their Facebook page that the mysterious figure ”promptly vanished into the night to fight crime and the fear of crime in Bradford’’.


Featured image: Unmasked: Batman turns out to be a takeaway delivery guy. Illustration: kevin dooley/flickr

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  1. Why aren’t there more stories like this? Who doesn’t like these stories? Nice job nabbing this one.
    I hope there are more to come. Maybe one on the Dad vigilanty who released footage of his efforts?

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