Women’s pro sports inspiring girls

Embed from Getty Images BY ADAM HAYWARD @hayward_adamk Women’s sports rise to prominence, inspiring girls to follow their dreams The meteoric rise in women’s sports has been one of the most exciting trends in the entire sporting industry in Australia as every prominent sporting code have now formed their own elite women’s competitions.  


Podcast: Conspiracy Theories

Was the moon landing faked, just a film directed by Stanley Kubrick on a Hollywood studio lot? Who, what and where are The Illuminati? If the world isn’t flat, why do aircraft fly on the international routes they do? Harry, Flynn, Liam, and Rob talk about our favourite conspiracy theories. Featured image: Astronaut David R. […]


Aboriginal connections to country, culture and family

Flynn Dunbavan spoke with Wongaibon man Wayne Fazldeen about connecting with his culture. Featured image: Aboriginal Rock Art, Anbangbang Rock Shelter, Kakadu National Park, Australia According to, it shows Namondjok, a Creation Ancestor, with his wife Barrginj below, the Lightning Man Namarrgon to the right, and a group of men and women with ceremonial headdresses underneath. […]


Quantum spirituality

Where does spirituality end and science begin? CHRISTIAN JAILER writes that science is starting to provide evidence for some of our spiritual beliefs. Quantum physics, also known as quantum mechanics, is a central theory in physics that examines the tiniest particles and energies revealed in nature. These comprise of atoms and subatomic particles such as electrons […]


Lost connections

By Jasmine Ryan @JasmineRyanTAFE The online world has caused a divide between human connections in the real world. In situations where we feel bored or have nothing to do our natural human instincts would be to talk to somebody either next to us or start up a conversation with a total stranger, to read a […]


Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week 2018

By Thomas English @thomasjenglish7 On Sorry Day and during Reconciliation Week Australians say sorry for the policies that led to the Stolen Generations. For more than 100 years the government had an official policy of removing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families. The majority of children were taken between 1869 and 1969, but […]